Summertime Necessity: Antimicrobial Cleaning Cloths

Although summertime is one of the most fun and relaxing seasons, it can also be the stickiest, sweatiest and messiest of times too. From kids running in and out of the house, dirt being tracked in, melted treats and play date chaos, there seems to always be something new to clean up.

Here at CleanBoss, we don’t want the spills and messes to take away from your fun in the sun. That’s why we created our Antimicrobial Cleaning Cloths to be the ultimate summertime sidekick.

All-Day Protection

Our microfiber cleaning cloths are infused with Silver Ion technology meaning they keep killing germs 24 hours a day. Depending on the mess, you can use them wet or dry and pair them with our award-winning botanical disinfectant for an optimal clean combo.

Sleek Design

With a variety of colors to choose from, it’s easy to stock your home and make sure you’re prepared with a technology you can trust to keep you and your family safe and clean.

Staying Power

The best part is, no matter how many times you wash your cleaning cloths, the Silver technology will never wash away, meaning you can depend on its germ-killing power forever.

Stay safe, clean and happy all summer long and let our Antimicrobial Cleaning Cloths do the hard work so you can take it easy.