Viruses. Bacteria. Grease. Grime. You can't always see these sneaky villains, but they're everywhere, and they're up to no good. But enough is enough. Rising above the fumes of toxic cleaners and weak sauces is a revolutionary new product: CleanBoss. It delivers the strongest, safest, smartest clean possible, helping you make your home sparkling, safe, and spotless.


CleanBoss is botanically derived from Thyme, Mother Nature's OG germ-killer. The solution is so powerful, it kills germs fast and cuts through grease and grime without breaking a sweat. In fact, this heavyweight effectiveness comes without any toxic warnings and still gets the job done. Safe to say, it's perfect to use around kids, pets and plants.


CleanBoss is the brainchild of two long-time friends and world-class entrepreneurs who had the vision, and made it their mission, to help make every home next-level clean.

Joy Mangano

Inventor extraordinaire, TV debonaire, and the Original Boss, Joy is the divine mind behind visionary products like the Miracle Mop and the Joy Hanger. She has spent her entire career creating and searching out revolutionary products designed to make life better and brighter for you and your family. And her genius never stops. Her latest achievement is innovating an arsenal of cleaning products that are extremely effective and overwhelmingly safe for the whole family. Joy's legacy has yet to be written. All she needs is a partner in grime to help her bring her vision of a cleaner clean to life.

Armando Christian Pérez

Armando Christian Pérez is not only an international superstar, he's also a game-changing entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Known aliases include Mr. Worldwide and Mr. 305. Beyond his clean charisma, you'll notice a strong work ethic engrained by his mother, who cleaned houses while he was growing up. This fight is personal for Armando, and he's carrying the torch forward to make the world a cleaner, smarter, better place.

Together, Armando and Joy are on a mission to wake up the world to a new way of clean with the world's most powerful botanically-powered disinfectant and cleaner.