4 Tips To Keeping Your Dishes Sparkling

It seems like you’re always battling the dishes in one way or another. Sometimes it’s dealing with the mountain of dishes that seem to always be in the sink. Other times, its finding food still stuck to your plates when you take them out of the dishwasher. Yuck!

The good news is that with the right tools and processes, you can ensure that your dishes are always clean and ready to be used. Sound impossible? Here’s how we tackle the dirty dishes and keep our kitchens spic and span day-in and day-out:

Load Your Dishwasher Often

Even though this may seem backwards, using a dishwasher is actually proven to save water and be more efficient. Unless you want to hand-wash your dishes as fast as possible, this is the best way to save water and get the job done, while making sure your sink isn’t full to the brim.

Let Really Dirty Dishes Soak

Save yourself an arm workout and some intense scrubbing by letting your dirtiest pans and dishes soak for a while. Simply run some hot water, mix with some dish soap and let your dishes sit for a while.

For those pots and pans that aren’t dishwasher friendly, you can use our jumbo anti-odor dish-drying mat after you get them cleaned. It’s the perfect size for even your biggest containers and it actively repels germs and bacteria.

Organize Your Sink

Adding a little method to the madness can help more than you might think. You can fill a larger bowl with soapy hot water and soak all your utensils and smaller items. Nesting dishes inside one another can help too. Plus, when your sink is organized, it makes putting everything in the dishwasher that much faster.

Swap Out Your Old Sponge

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to throw out that old, musty sponge you’ve been using and upgrade to something more efficient, this is it. Our new Ultimate Cleaning Set comes with 4 anti-odor sponges made to stand the test of time. They’re also made with anti-microbial technology, so you can say goodbye to germs, bacteria and odors (no matter how many times you use them). The best part is: you can throw these in the dishwasher with everything else and to keep them clean and just as powerful.

If you’re feeling inspired to upgrade your kitchen cleaning situation, it’s time to get your hands on our Ultimate Cleaning Set and say goodbye to dirty dish messes for good.