Get Motivated For Your Spring Cleaning In 2023

Get Motivated For Your Spring Cleaning In 2023

The flowers are blooming. The birds are chirping. It's clear, spring has officially sprung, which also means it's time for your less than favorite annual tradition: spring cleaning. After the dull and dreary days of winter, it can be a challenge to get motivated to bust out the mop and sponge, but keeping your house clear of dust bunnies is essential for starting the season off right.

To get you moving in the right direction, we've developed a list of spring cleaning tips to help you roll up your sleeves and get the job done quickly and right.

Create A Cleaning Kit

Equipping yourself with powerful products is a guaranteed way to bring back that missing spring cleaning motivation. So make the first step in your spring cleaning routine the development of a cleaning kit that’ll help you get the job done.

Stock your cleaning caddy with microfiber cloths and an all-surface spray like our CleanBoss Multi-Surface Disinfectant & Cleaner to kill 99.9% of germs and give your space a true deep clean. For smaller areas like doorknobs and light switches, pair your all-purpose product with heavy duty wipes to rid your home of any remaining dirt and dander.

Set Goals

Trying to take on an entire house can be overwhelming. Break down your spring cleaning into smaller goals to stay productive. Tackle one room or task at a time and celebrate the small wins as you work through your home.

For days with an extra busy schedule, keep cleaning sessions to a minimum. Something as small as hanging up fresh laundry or clearing off your counters can count towards your spring cleaning plan. Jot down your to-dos and check them off to track your progress.

Make It Fun

Tidying up may be the focus of spring cleaning, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! With warmer temps and sunnier weather, open your windows to make your space bright and breezy as you declutter. Have a favorite new song or album?artist or music genre? Create a cleaning playlist to give you a boost while you work.

Remember to always reward your efforts. Spruce up your home with some flowers or make a delicious snack for yourself after a long day of housework. You earned it!

Spring cleaning can feel like a chore, but finding new ways to get inspired will help you stay on track and enjoy the springtime in a happy, renewed, and wonderfully hygienic space.