Cleaning for Allergy Relief: A Complete Guide to Minimize Allergens at Home

Living with allergies can be a constant battle. Allergens like dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and mold can wreak havoc on our respiratory systems, making it essential to create a clean, cough- free and allergy-friendly home.

To help you get lasting relief, we’ve developed this complete allergy cleaning guide to minimize dust and allergens that may be lurking in your space.

Routine Cleaning and Vacuuming

Routine cleaning and vacuuming are important in reducing allergens at home. Use a microfiber cloth with our award-winning Multi-Surface Disinfectant & Cleanerthat removes over 99.9% of common household allergens.Be sure to dust overlooked areas like ceiling fans, light fixtures, and vents. Wash children’s toys and wipe down smaller items like keys and tv remotes. When vacuuming, opt for a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter to trap tiny allergen particles like pollen and pet hair.

Bedding and Upholstery

Bedrooms can harbor a huge amount of allergens, particularly in mattresses and pillows. Invest in allergen-proof sheets and pillowcases to create a barrier between you and potential irritants. Wash bedding weekly in hot water to eliminate allergens effectively, and clean or dust curtains regularly. For upholstery, choose leather or vinyl instead of fabric, which are less likely to trap allergens.

Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers

An air purifier with HEPA filters can improve indoor air quality by collecting allergens that may be circulating. Place purifiers in rooms where you spend the most time such as the bedroom, kitchen, or main living space. To prevent mold growth, use a dehumidifier in damp areas like basements and bathrooms.

Clearing Out Clutter

Clutter can accumulate dust, making cleaning more of a challenge. Declutter your home to reduce the number of surfaces where allergens can accumulate. Stock up on storage containers to keep belongings dust-free and avoid displaying items that tend to collect dander such as stuffed animals, unused electronics, or heavy drapes. Hang up clothes and clean laundry and clear any unwanted outfits for your closet. Make a habit of emptying trash cans and putting away scattered household or pet supplies.

With the help of this cleaning guide, we hope you’re able to create a comfortable, healthy, and allergen-free home so you and your loved ones can breathe easier!