Don’t Miss Joy’s 1-Day HSN Birthday Month Blowout

For 1 day only, Joy Mangano is returning to HSN to share some incredible deals and announcements with her fans and we want you to tune in.

This blowout event is a bit of a reunion for Joy, who spent years sharing her groundbreaking cleaning and life-enhancing innovations on the network. Her record-breaking appearances have captivated audiences and helped her spread the word about the unique and cutting-edge technologies she developed to keep you and your family cleaner and healthier. This visit will be no different. Joy will be presenting the full line of CleanBoss products to the world, to show off how everything from our powerful botanical disinfectant to our three-layered filtered mask can bring a stronger, smarter clean to your home.

But wait… there’s more! Joy will also be using this appearance to announce the debut of her newest invention designed to keep you and your family cleaner, healthier and happier. Sure, we could tell you what it is now, but where’s the fun in that?! Instead, you’ll just need to tune in to HSN on July 27th to enjoy the show and learn about this thrilling product release on your own. Trust us, you'll be glad you did.

This is the summer sales event you simply cannot miss, so make sure you tune in to HSN on July 31 at any of the scheduled airings to enjoy the incredible deals and jaw dropping product launch that will leave you speechless (and a whole lot cleaner).

Airing all day Saturday.