The Best.

The ONLY Alcohol Based
Hand Sanitizer Proven
In Clinical Studies
With 6 Hour Power**

Only the Best
For You & Your Family


Traditional Sanitizers Quit After 15 Seconds.

Ours Doesn't Quit.


Never Sticky Formula Leaves Hands Feeling

Silky & Petal Soft.


Just One Pump. That Means One Bottle Equals

FIVE Of The Competition.

3x Purified Alcohol Meets CDC Guidance

The CDC recommends use of alcohol based hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol. Our patented CleanBoss formula is powered by 76% alcohol, purified 3x over.
And, CleanBoss Leaves Hands Petal Soft.

Only CleanBoss Lasts Up To 6 Hours

In a clinical study, the Traditional Alcohol Hand Sanitizer evaporated after about 15 Seconds, where the patented CleanBoss formula continued to kill over 99.9% of germs for up to 6 Hours.

That's the CleanBoss Difference!

It is GREAT!! I love it. So glad I bought it. It is not sticky at all! A very very nice hand sanitizer. Congratulations Joy! Another joy well done.


Received it and it's fantastic! No stickiness and makes my hands feel soft! Thank you, Joy!!


I love it. I am surprised by how little it takes and how soft my hands are. So much better than 2 pumps of the other brand I was using...


Honestly I hate cleaning, so it’s really nice to have one product do it all and not have to lug a bucket with a bunch of bottles anymore!

The 16 Piece Set Our Best Value

You'll get over 1000 uses with your CleanBoss 16 Piece Set. That means, if you use it morning, noon and night, it will last you over a year.
Over A Year's Supply for Just $39.95!

Award Winning Foaming Soap

You'll get over 1000 uses with your CleanBoss Foaming Soap Two Pack. Perfect for your sink or bathroom, our patented formula kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

Over 1000 Uses for Just $19.95!

On the Go? We've Got You.

Bring our patented CleanBoss formula right along with you in a convenient spray pen.

Buy our 2 Pack for Just $12.95!

Play Date? We've Got You.

Keep those hands clean day after day with our patented CleanBoss hand sanitizer formula in convenient individually packed wipes.

Set of 24 for Just $12.95!

Best-In-Class. Period.

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