What’s The Deal With Silver Ion Technology??

What’s The Deal With Silver Ion Technology??

Cleaning cloths are an essential everyday cleaning staple. But not all cloths are created equal. While some may look effective on the surface, others clean deep down with silver ion technology.

Here are some reasons why you should stock up on antimicrobial cloths for your next cleaning day.

Kills Germs 24/7 

If you want the ultimate deep clean around the clock, look no further than our bestselling Anti-Microbial Ultimate Cleaning Set. Antimicrobial fabric infused with silver ion technology is designed to stop the growth of harmful germs. The silver ions bind to the DNA of bacteria, making it impossible for 99.9% of microbes to spread. Be sure to spray and wipe down your surfaces with this kind of cleaning cloth so you can rest easy in a germ-free home.

Kid & Pet Safe

There’s nothing more important than protecting your loved ones. Antimicrobial cloths can help you clean with confidence – silver ion technology is totally safe to use around your little ones and furry friends! While our antimicrobial cloths are non-toxic, they continue to keep your surfaces clear of pathogens, day or night.

Plus, silver ion technology is environmentally friendly! Unlike harsh chemical-filled cleaners, silver ion infused cloths get the job done naturally and don’t leave behind harmful residue. Just another way to keep the house and planet safe.

Long Lasting

They say nothing lasts forever, except for silver ions. Silver ions are permanently infused into the cloth fabric to make your space spotless time and again. Whether it’s simple spring cleaning or disinfecting your home after a cold or flu, don’t worry – your cleaning power is here to stay.

We hope that this overview of silver ion benefits shows what antimicrobial cleaning cloths are capable of to help you conquer your next cleaning day!