Hand Hygiene 101 For Peak Cold & Flu Season 2023

Hand Hygiene 101 For Peak Cold & Flu Season 2023

The new year has arrived and so has cold and flu season. There’s a lot going around, so it’s important to take proper precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe. Proper hand hygiene is one of the best strategies you can use for keeping those nasty viruses at bay.

Here are our tips to help you wash your hands the right way in 2023.

Wash Thoroughly

It may feel like enough to simply run your hands under the faucet, but washing your hands thoroughly is essential for a healthy winter season. Scrub for at least 20 seconds and make sure all areas of your hands and wrists are covered with soap and water.

Our award-winning Foaming Soap is the perfect handwashing partner, killing 99.99% of germs with natural anti-microbial technology. Work the soap into a lather and rinse your hands under running water. Use a clean cloth or towel to dry them off.

Wash Frequently

With so much to do each day, our hands touch a lot of surfaces. Even simple daily tasks can lead to the spread of germs. Cleaning your hands often can make a big difference in protecting yourself and others.  

Always wash your hands after handling pets, garbage, items like your phone or keys, being out in public settings, and before eating or preparing food. Have a sick family member at home? Wash up after caring for them and avoid touching your face or mouth. Stay aware of your daily activities to best determine when to wash your hands.

Use Sanitizer

If you’re on the go, it’s good to be prepared. Keeping hand sanitizer with you can go a long way in reducing the spread of harmful bacteria. Travel-sized items like our Sanitizer Mist or Wipes fit in your pocket, bag or backpack, and make viral defense easy wherever you are. Remember to cover all areas of your hands just like you would with soap and water. For maximum hand sanitization, rub your hands together until the gel is fully absorbed.

We hope that reviewing how to wash your hands properly will help you conquer cold and flu season and stay healthy in the year ahead!