Fall Flu vs. COVID-19: What You Need to Know and How to Stay Safe

Fall Flu vs. COVID-19: What You Need to Know and How to Stay Safe

Fall is in full swing, and so is the season of sniffles, sneezes, and the flu. Among the falling leaves and cooler temperatures, it's essential to understand the difference between the fall flu and COVID-19 to safeguard your health and the well-being of those around you. 

Fall Flu vs COVID-19 Symptoms

While both the flu and COVID-19 are respiratory illnesses, there are subtle differences in their symptoms. Both can present with fever, cough, and fatigue, making it challenging to distinguish between the two. However, COVID-19 tends to cause a more significant loss of taste and smell, and respiratory symptoms like difficulty breathing may be more severe than the flu.

How to Stay Safe

With both the fall flu and COVID-19 circulating, here are our top tips and precautions to help you stay safe this season:

  1. Good Hygiene: Practicing good hygiene remains a frontline defense against these illnesses. Wash hands frequently, keep hand sanitizer handy, and avoid touching your face, especially in public settings.
  1. Disinfect Surfaces: Regularly wipe down and disinfect frequently-touched surfaces like light switches, door knobs, and counter tops. Use a powerful disinfectant like our award-winning multi-surface cleaneralong with anti-microbial cloths to keep harmful germs from lingering and reduce the risk of transmission. 
  1. Vaccines: This time of year, prioritize vaccinations for both the flu and COVID-19, including booster shots.
  1. Wellness: Establish a wellness routine to reduce stress and support your health and immune system.Engage in routine physical activity, maintain a well-balanced diet with fruits, veggies, and plenty of water, and get an adequate amount of sleep. 
  1. Keep Your Distance: Maintain physical distance from others, especially while out in public. If you are feeling unwell, stay home or seek medical attention, and always avoid close contact with other sick individuals in your household.

By staying informed of these fall illnesses and practicing preventive measures, we hope you can navigate the season with confidence and reduce the risk of both the fall flu and COVID-19 for your household.