CleanBoss 1000+ Hand Sanitizer Set

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What You Get

2 CleanBoss Hand Sanitizer Gel Bottles (each 8 fl. oz.)

2 CleanBoss Hand Sanitizer Mist Spray Pens (each 8 ml.)

12 CleanBoss Hand Sanitizer Hand Wipes (each individually wrapped)

When You Get It

Your order will leave our warehouse in less than 1 business day.  Please allow 4 to 7 business days for standard shipping and delivery.  

What It Does

Your CleanBoss 1000+ Hand Sanitizer Set gives you over 1000 uses!  If you use it morning, noon and night, that's virtually an entire year's supply.

That's because one bottle of CleanBoss is equal to 5 bottles of the competition. That means you get so much more for your money, and it goes so much further than the leading brands. 

Patented. Backed by over 5 years of science, CleanBoss is a broad spectrum, fast acting, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial technology trusted by hospitals, doctors, schools, leading hotels and even the military to help get the job done.

Powerful. This not your ordinary hand sanitizer. CleanBoss has 76% alcohol, purified 3x over.  Kills 99.99% of germs, all while leaving your hands feeling petal soft.

Persistent. Unlike traditional alcohol based hand sanitizers that evaporate after about 15 seconds, leaving your hands naked, CleanBoss does not do that. That's because CleanBoss is persistent.

Petal Soft. No more dry, cracked hands. Traditional alcohol based hand sanitizers can be harsh on your hands. Not any more. CleanBoss is designed to leave your hands feeling petal soft. 

Precision Pump. One pump of our gel is all you need with every use. You get over 1000+ uses in this set. If you use it morning, noon and night that’s virtually a full year’s supply.

Made in the USA

Paraben FREE

Phthalate FREE

Triclosan FREE


CleanBoss Hand Sanitizer Gel Label

CleanBoss Hand Sanitizer Mist Travel Spray Pen Label
CleanBoss Hand Sanitizer Hand Wipe Label