CleanBoss Mask

Meet our Award-Winning CleanBoss Mask. With Three Layers of Permanent Power, our reusable, rewashable mask is comfort molded to sit away from your face and let you breathe easy. With Silver Ion Anti-Microbial Technology Fibers permanently woven into the outer and inner layers to preserve and protect the mask from odor and stain causing bacteria, and a patented permanent high grade VirusGuard™ ProMax Mesh Filter built in, CleanBoss Mask is TripSavvy's Best Technology Winner.

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It is GREAT!! I love it. So glad I bought it. It is not sticky at all! A very very nice hand sanitizer.
Congratulations Joy! Another job well done.


Received it and it's fantastic! No stickiness and makes my hands feel soft! Thank you, Joy!!


I love it. I am surprised by how little it takes and how soft my hands are.
So much better than 2 pumps of the other brand I was using...


I’m so proud to say I use CleanBoss all around my house, around my children and pets, with confidence.